Bad Witch - Nine Inch Nails

Bad Witch

Nine Inch Nails

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-06-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 6

  • ℗ 2018 The Null Corporation


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Shit Mirror 3:06  
Ahead of Ourselves 3:30  
Play the Goddamned Part 4:51  
God Break Down the Door 4:14  
I'm Not from This World 6:41  
Over and Out 7:49  


  • 0

    By wizard33
    0 Inspiration
  • Lost.

    By Noktrnl
    I won't ever give up on NIN. I can truly appreciate bits and pieces of everythjing Trent has touched in his illustious career. However, the last solid album (which strayed a bit from the traditional NIN sound) was "Hesitation Marks" - a fresh & solid piece creative innovation. The "trio" of albums trying to be passed off to the bleeding-loyal fans as whole albums, are all largely disappointing. They have an overall feel of rampant dissonant noise, highly over-indulgent with the distortion and experimentation. It definitely feels as if he's been spending far too much time in "soundtrack land" & pulled farther and farther away from rock/industrial/whatever-you-wanna-call-it NIN MUSIC. There definitely seems to be too much cross-chatter between the different projects that Trent & Atticus are involved with. NIN albums need to sound like NIN, soundtrack work needs to sound like soundtrack work, How to Destroy Angels needs to sound like it's own individual band. They all share a common lifeblood & that's what makes them all so GOOD, but NIN needs to get its groove back - I wanna ROCK THE F___ OUT, or dance, or mosh, or whatever, but when when it makes me feel just lost & contemplative, like a piece of seaweed afloat in the ocean - I'm not feeling the PASSION that I've come to expect from my all-time favorite band.
  • Expected better

    By Muckaduck
    Bad Witch...really awful album
  • Listen up

    By BHSweet
    Looks like the rivet heads can't bear to give up their goth stomping habits. Too bad. The man has matured and moved ahead into his career. Never forget that he, along with several other key musicians/bands, developed what would become the industrial and EBM sensation. This is definitely worth a listen.
  • Good, buts need refined.

    By gored233
    Essentially, I see tons of potential in some of these songs. I only really listen to the previews though. From what it sounds like they are not terrible, but they need more fine tuning to make them worth buying. Too experimental. I would like to understand the lyrics just a tad more, and actually be able to hear some of them over the background music if possible to some degree. Others take certain elements a bit too far. Really, They seem like they could be great if more time is taken to perfect them. Really interesting and unique sounding.
  • Awesome

    By -ups-man
    As usual, Rez and company deliver amazing sounds. Haters are going to hate because they can't relate. Stuck in the late 80's?? Those are the same lame people on Facebook trying to relive their high school years. NIN has grown into a well productive adult that hasn't looked back, instead, flourished into a leader of music. Trent is a leader, not a follower. His music shows those of us that really appreciate it that. Those that don't, well, they're just keyboard warriors in their mommy's basement eating pizza and playing video games.
  • You decide.....I have

    By pinkmunky2
    I am not a critic. I am just a person who has an extensive wide ranged music library. Art is Resistance Art is Witness Art is Community Art is Action Without Violence Art changes Hearts Without breaking Bodies -Year Zero David Bowie , one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century has been quoted in saying , “I can compare Trent Reznor’s influential impact to music to that of The Velvet Underground.” (sorry teens & millennials ....I’ll be polite and just say please go wiki that to catch up on the influence of art to music and music to art....they share such a wonderful symbiotic example -Lou Reed and Andy Warhol.) In 1988 I was introduced to Nine Inch Nails on the radio (89.5 WSOU Seton Hall’s Pirate Radio)by hearing “Down In It”. I was going through some rough time and well...was immediately grabbed by what heard and felt and in return I have never let go. NIN = 30 years = 207 songs = 16 hours and 15 minutes I use my music to disconnect from the world around me. I use my music to plug in to the world around me. I use my music to relate to my life. I use my music to express me. Thank You Trent Reznor , your difference , your change , your style has given me the keys to many other doors leading to many different musicians. A bit of a sidebar note here , I am also an avid gamer and just slammed down some Faction Wars Kombatants in Mortal Kombat X listening to Bad Witch.(now the creepy thing is the album art , one of the pics ,looks like and really reminds me of “The Witch” in Left 4 Dead.) for the individuals who just complain stop criticizing when your art is not out for public display stop reviewing when your art is not out for public display .........seriously how do you take criticism ...... To reiterate, Thank You Trent Reznor , your music has been ..... Symbiotic to my life. I am hoping and will wait for more. -Ghostkat
  • Crap...

    By maswine
    Only thing worse is rap
  • Feels incomplete

    By 4G63Nofi
    As a life long NIN fan, these last 3 are lacking. "Less Than" and "God Break Down the Door" are great. The rest? Not so much at all. Too Much experimental instrumentals reminiscent of Ghosts. For the record, Broken, The Fragile and Year Zero are my favorites. This feels more like The Social Network soundtrack heavily distorted, with too many overlapping layers of complexity, with Trent's voice peeking out of all of the distortion. I don't need a Gone Girl remix.
  • Terrible

    By All about the 90s
    This album is gar bage. Good lord Trent in times like these we need u to pick up the mantel and rock!!🤘🏻 very few rock bands left that actually make good music. I haven’t lost faith in Trent yet but this album sounds like someone through a microphone in a toilet and sang to the swirling sounds of dung. COME ON TRENT NEXT ALBUM NEEDS TO ROCK!!!

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